Organizational Development

organizational development

Do presenters represent your company confidently in front of customers?
Do your team's sales presentations move decision makers to action?
Are your company's internal presentations inspiring?

The ability to deliver a persuasive presentation to an internal or external audience has become a fundamental requirement for today's employees. It's critical that business presentations be targeted and delivered in a credible manner. We can address several different types of presentation challenges.

Scientific Conferences

We have done some very exciting work with scientists and engineers who are asked to present important research finding to large global audiences in their field of work.

Their tendency is to create slides filled with complex data that is too small to see and then proceed to read the data to the audience off the slides. The last thing they are worried about is creating an interesting story. The data is interesting and that should be enough to satisfy other scientists and engineers.

Our goal is for every presenter to create an informative yet memorable presentation that will set them apart because it was clear, concise and compelling. We accomplish this via workshops and individual coaching.

Product Demonstrations

We work specifically with your organization to help employees develop more effective product demonstrations that focus on meeting clients' expectations. Presenters are often overly ambitious about what they want to achieve when introducing a product. The audience then leaves confused and unsure about the offering. Our workshops incorporate presentation skills that can completely customize your product presentations to meet customer needs. We introduce skills that help your people better prepare, structure and deliver presentations that move audiences to action. Learn more about the UPFRONT Persuasion Webinar Series and Slide Makeover Lab.

Sales Presentations

We can add to your sales success. Today, salespeople must do more than show and tell. They must add value by understanding the customer's business, knowing what influences their customers' buying decisions and responding specifically to their needs and expectations. Salespeople must set themselves apart from the competition when presenting to a client.

A consistent approach to creating and delivering presentations can create higher presentation performance standards that will impact the success of your sales effort. Our process compliments a variety of sales processes. Our persuasive sales presentation approach will differentiate your sales team from the competition and move them to a buying decision. Learn more about our workshops and Slide Makeover Lab.

Presentations to Top-Level Executives

Wasting the time of Executives or Board Members is unacceptable, yet most managers and employees don't present to upper management in productive manner. Knowing how to create a core message, package a persuasive story and deliver the message with conviction and confidence are essential skills that we help develop. Learn more about Present2theTOP.

Internal Corporate Presentations

Whether you are delivering a financial report to management or a technical review to your peers, your audience has expectations that you will deliver the message with energy and thoughtfulness. Unfortunately, these internal presentations are usually boring, long-winded and a waste of time.

Turn those internal presentations into time savers by training your employees to make clear, concise and compelling presentations to peers and management with our workshops and Slide Makeover Lab.

Meeting Management

In every organization, meetings play an integral role in communicating and accomplishing strategic goals. Yet, ask anyone to identify one of the top time wasters during the workweek and the answer is likely to be meetings. Managing effective meetings requires planning, strong leadership, communication, and group process skills. Keeping a meeting on track, focused and productive is no longer the sole responsibility of the group leader. Conducting effective meetings is fast becoming a fundamental requirement for all employees who utilize meetings to convey information or influence decisions. Learn more about MeetingsUPFRONT.


Available in both a 3-hour face-to face training workshop or a 2-hour online webcast.

Contact Red Cup Learning to better understand how we can partner with you to address these issues and others.


Who Benefits?

  • HR Managers and Directors responsible for corporate university course offerings
  • Sales Managers improving team presentation skills
  • Department Managers developing team sales and presentation skills
  • Application Engineers partnering with the sales team on sales calls
  • Executive team building

How we can help

  • Build consistent presentation skills across the organization
  • Build a consistent sales approach across the organization
  • Augment sales training skills and processes to incorporate presentation skills
  • Adapt technical presentations to appeal to non-technical audiences
  • Create team building experiences while developing presentation skills
  • Compliment corporate sales conference training

Train the Trainer

  • We offer a Train the Trainer certification program that enables your internal facilitators to conduct many of our workshops in-house. Contact Red Cup Learning to better understand how we can partner with you to address these and other issues.

Post Session Strategy

Red Cup Presentations provides a flexible electronic Presentation Planner that can be applied to any presentation after the session. In addition, we help individuals and managers tailor a post-session strategy to reinforce the workshop skills and concepts and to ensure you are performing according to desired behaviors. Examples include management directed activities, coaching, video recorded rehearsals, 'brown bag lunch sessions' and ongoing slide deck reviews.

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