UPFRONT Persuasion Through Presentation™

This program is currently being offered virtually and in-classroom.
UPFRONT Persuasion Through Presentation™ is a hands-on, customized in-classroom or virtual presentation skills training workshop that will have an immediate impact on your ability to effectively influence and persuade decision makers to take action. Through coaching and video review, the workshop and virtual sessions will provide you with the opportunity to further develop and refine key skills to construct and deliver an effective business presentation.

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What do top level decision makers expect from a presentation? Three things:
  • Action requested Upfront
  • Efficient presentation of critical information
  • Risks mitigated

What do top level decision makers experience during presentations? Three things:
  • Requests not linked to strategic plans
  • Information that is overly detailed
  • No clear request for action

Presenting to anyone in a high position of an organization requires skills above and beyond general presentation skill training. If a presentation to the top goes badly, you often do not get a second chance to repeat your request or save your reputation.

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Slide Makeover Lab

Are your presentation slides "walls of words"? Do you have a tendency to read from the slide? Would you be speechless in front of a group without a slide? The purpose of this workshop is to understand and apply simple slide design principles that will transform a dense 40-slide PowerPoint or Keynote slide deck into an effective, compelling and customer-involved presentation.

We can help improve the way in which you interact with your slides by introducing three slide design techniques that ensure you stay connected to your audience while projecting slides.

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meetingsUPFRONT -Virtual Training
Moving decision making forward

In every organization, meetings play an integral role in communicating and accomplishing strategic goals.  Yet, ask anyone to identify one of the top time wasters during the workweek and the answer is likely to be meetings.

Managing effective meetings requires planning, strong leadership, credibility, communication and group process skills.  Keeping a meeting focused and productive is no longer the sole responsibility of the group leader.  Conducting effective meetings is fast becoming a fundamental requirement for all employees who utilize meetings to convey information and move decision making forward.

Now that virtual meetings are being held more often, it is even more critical that meeting leaders understand how to hold the attention of the audience and ensure the meetings are interactive and targeted.

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It is my pleasure and privilege to write a recommendation for RCP. I took the class ~10 years ago but I carry some key lessons in my mind to this date. Show your palms, 3 takeaways, low slide density, silence more powerful than fillers like ummm, practice in front of a mirror/in a room by name a few! Judie has been a very positive influence in my life.

Many teachers come & go in everyone's lives but do we remember each & everyone's name & lessons they taught us - likely not (and given the fact that I haven't met her in almost 10 years). Regardless of whether you are just starting out or an already seasoned presenter, I highly recommend RCP if you or anyone in your organization is looking to hone your presentation skills."
Amit Arora
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