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Why Look Back? The Value of Reflection

I heard one of my all-time favorite quotes from my colleague Tanja Parsley, “You don’t learn from an experience, you learn from reflection on an experience.” 

That answers the question, “Why look back?”  Because reflection is the only way to build continuous improvement in anything we do. 

Here in Chicago, we’re reflecting upon the Cubs championship and what they did right along the way.  

What do you bet they’re working on what will make them even better next year?

Usain Bolt, as good as he is, constantly speaks about how he could improve after having watched video of his latest race.  

Samsung is definitely going back to the drawing board after its Galaxy 7 smart phones started exploding.

I believe all presenters should do the exact same thing - look back over your key presentations.  Try using the scale from 1-5 below.  If you’re NOT satisfied with your score, let’s talk.    
       1.  Lousy          2.  Not bad         3.  Adequate        4. Pretty good         5.  Fabulous
Use the following criteria to determine your score:
  • Did you create a plan before your created a slide deck?
  • Did you envision the best outcome of each presentation?
  • Was your content targeted to the needs of your audience?
  • Did you limit your key points so as not to overwhelm?
  • Were you calm and confident?
  • Was the audience engaged from the beginning?
  • Did you ask for action?
  • Was your audience persuaded by your content?
  • Were your gestures intentional?
  • Do you remember making eye contact?
  • Did you smile?
  • Do you know what you would do differently the next time?
Obviously, this is not just an annual exercise.  Immediately after EVERY presentation you should evaluate what went well and what you could do differently that would have made it better.  That look back will improve your skill set each time, and will and move your audiences to action more often.  I’m more than happy to help ensure that happens.  

To better coach you I video record your presentation practices.  While it can be painful to watch yourself on video, it is the best technique available to look back on your performance.   I help you see what you’re doing well, and what to correct, because rarely do my clients see anything but how much weight they have put on or how they look like their mom or dad.   I introduce small changes as you practice that will make a very big difference in your professional presence and self-confidence.    

Right Now is a great time to start looking back.  If you want guidance, contact Red Cup Presentations for a coaching session or a group workshop. 


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