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Happy New You - In need of a change?

Red Cup Presentations needed a newsletter makeover, which made me wonder if you might also be in need of a makeover – a presenter makeover. I support the notion that self-reflection drives growth. Periodically, but especially at the beginning of the year, you need to look back on your presentations and yourself as a presenter, to determine what worked and what didn’t. Then decide what changes you’re willing to make to be the presenter you want to be moving forward. Let’s talk about what it takes to be that ‘new and improved you’. Your score on this reflective quiz will indicate if you could use a ‘happy new you’ makeover.Grade yourself on a scale from 1-5 (1 low-5 high) relative to the success of your presentations this past year.
  1. How did you feel?
    (Were you calm and focused before your presentations, or nervous and unprepared?)
  2. How did you look?
     (Did your choice of attire help you feel confident and professional? Would your audience agree?)
  3. How did you sound?
    (Did you speak up and use strong and clear language?)
  4. What did you say?
    (Were your messages clear, concise and compelling, or scattered and long-winded?) 
  5. Were you successful?
    (Did you move your audience to action, or leave them wondering about next steps?)
Your score might not be a perfect 25, but if it’s not up there in the 20’s, here are five associated tips to start your ‘happy new you ‘makeover:

1. How did you feel?
Audiences don’t always know when you’re nervous unless you show them or, in some cases, tell them. (Don’t ever tell them!) It’s your responsibility to your audience to be calm and focused. Knowing your content is naturally an important component of this. Managing your breathing, your self-talk and your body language is critical. Say to yourself, “I’ve got this.” “I’ll give it my best shot”. “They believe in me.” And then take a nice breath, smile, look around the room, and focus on the information that is important for the audience to hear. More on the subject

2. How did you look?
First impressions occur within seconds, and what you wear is the first clue as to how you will be perceived. My motto, your attire should be ½ step dressier than your audience. You decide what that means. It’s a lot easier to dress down than to be too casual at the start. Be sure you're comfortable in your clothing. No tugging or adjusting. More on the subject

3.  How did you sound? 
Record your voice. I know, we never sound to ourselves like we think we sound. What matters is that it is clear and strong. Don’t let it drop off at the end of the sentence. Avoid ‘sorta’, ‘kinda’, ‘you know’, ‘I think’, ‘uh’ and ‘so’. Record your conversations on your phone and critique often. More on the subject

4. What did you say? 
If your presentation has a beginning, a middle and an end, you’re well on your way to a more organized and effective message. Ask them a question at the opening to relax yourself, and to get them involved. Tell a story in the middle to hold their interest, and close with a compelling core message. More on the subject

5. Were you successful? 
Always know in advance what action you want your audience to take as a result of the information you impart.Tell them at the beginning that you are going to ask for a specific action when you conclude. Ask for that action again at the end and ensure the obstacles to that action have been addressed. Then you’ll know you were successful. More on the subject

These tips should get you started on your ‘happy new you’ makeover. If you enjoy quizzes, please visit my website for a more comprehensive Self Evaluation and receive more tips to give yourself a presenter boost.

If I’ve whetted your appetite and you’re hungry for more coaching, contact Red Cup Learning.


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