Self Evaluation Quiz

Read the following statements and select a rating to indicate how often the statement would apply to your presentations (never, rarely, sometimes, often, always). When finished, click 'Calculate My Score' at the bottom of the page and you’ll receive suggestions for how to improve your score.

Never Rarely Sometimes Often Always
1. I appear calm and poised when I present in front of a group.
2. My opening remarks draw my audience in immediately.
3. I know how to tie the need of the audience into the point I make.
4. I clearly state my purpose at the beginning of the presentation.
5. I organize my remarks into approximately three key points regardless of the length of the presentation.
6. I make clear benefit statements that connect back to the needs of the audience.
7. I balance graphics with text in my slide decks and use them only to enhance a point I'm making.
8. I project my voice and look confident.
9. I use stories and analogies to enhance the data I share.
10. I've anticipated most of the questions I receive during or after the presentation.
11. I can handle difficult questions and difficult people.
12. I incorporate a request for action in my presentations.
13. The concluding remarks tie back to my opening comments.

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