UPFRONT Persuasion Through Presentation™

We at Red Cup Presentations believe those who can speak confidently and persuasively in front of any audience will greatly improve their chances of rising to the top of their organization because they move decision makers to action.

In today's world there is an increasing requirement to communicate your message through some form of presentation.  UPFRONT Persuasion Through Presentation™ is a presentation skills workshop where you will learn to prepare, construct and deliver presentations professionally and with confidence.

The workshop is being used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide. UPFRONT Persuasion Through Presentation™ is based upon the premise that any credible, powerful, persuasive presentation must be Clear, Concise and Compelling — core concepts that are reinforced throughout the program. During the workshop you will develop 'real time' content and provide multiple opportunities to practice delivery and get high quality feedback through videotaping, group feedback and one-on-one coaching.

UPFRONT Persuasion Through Presentation™ - Modules:

  • Visual aids – Designing and Integrating slides effectively into the presentation
  • Groundwork - preparing yourself thoroughly
  • Engage – Connecting with your audience as you launch the presentation
  • Develop – Creating concise content that is targeted and compelling
  • Close – Close with specific action steps
  • Questions and Answers – Staying focused and calm during the question period
  • Delivery Skills – Refining your body language, voice, eye contact and gestures to enhance your message

Program Outcomes

  • A clear structure and flow of a persuasive presentation.
  • A Presentation Planning tool to prepare for any upcoming presentation.
  • Honed delivery skills that create high impact and energy using best practice techniques of eye contact, body language and voice.
  • Principles for designing and integrating slides.
  • Self management skills to ensure fear and nerves don't overpower the message.

Who Benefits?

  • Sales Teams desiring to build continuity of skills
  • Sales people advocating client solutions
  • Sales people giving capability presentations
  • Managers influencing clients and internal stakeholders
  • Executives facilitating strategy sessions
  • Scientists and Engineers presenting technical information
  • Scientists and Engineers - presenting to non-technical audiences

Fact Sheet

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How Are Your Presentation Skills?

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Applying the material to a real life presentation throughout the day made it very relevant and valuable immediately. The pre session worksheet helped me come into the room focused and already invested in the day."
Executive Administrator

"I have had the great pleasure working with Red Cup Presentations and Judie Knoerle over the last few years. Her professionalism and dedication to helping our executives represent their best is phenomenal. 

Her presentation training has significantly improved how our executives, high potential leaders and innovators recap their projects and create proposals. To that end; her Innovation pitch training has evolved into an important phase of our system innovation process. 

Through her coaching, Judie molds pitch presentations so those decision makers who decide to move forward on disruptive ideas will accept and embrace them. Organizational innovation is all about change leadership and the UPFRONT program has been an integral component to this effort. I highly recommend for any and all to engage Red Cup for all of your company's presentation needs."  

-Jeff Oberlin
  Director, Center for Innovation


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