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Networking Meetings

You've joined a networking group to build your business. You know you have to give a 30 second introduction of yourself and your business at every meeting. It's your turn. As you stand, your heart begins to pound, your mouth is dry and your mind goes blank. You rush through your introduction, you exceed your time limit and as you sit back down in your seat, you can't even remember what you said.


As you have attend numerous virtual meetings, you have noticed how difficult it is to read a reaction from a customer or to really connect with them. If you want to differentiate yourself from other customer presenters, you may want to grab-a-group of peers and form a small group to learn how to do that.


You've been thinking about hiring a presentation coach to help you with your presentation anxiety but you keep saying you don't have the extra time or money. You're nervous about being video recorded but know it would be helpful. If only another colleague would go to a training class with you, the idea of getting some coaching wouldn't be so terrifying.

Grab Your Own Group

If indeed these scenarios sound familiar to you, Grab Your Own Group is your answer. When you invite three other colleagues to join you in two 2-hour coaching sessions you split the costs, receive trusted peer and professional presentation feedback and learn vital skills that will improve your professional presence in front of your networking groups, company meeting or other groups where you need to leave a positive impression quickly. We may know of other people who are short a foursome for a Grab Your Own Group so contact us to let us know you're interested and we'll find a group for you.

Fact Sheet

Download the fact sheet pdf here.

Who Benefits?

  • Networkers
  • High potential employees
  • Salespeople
  • Job Seekers
  • Supervisors/Managers
  • New Presenters


  • 2-4 Participants
  • 2-3 hour coaching sessions
  • Scheduled around participant's calendars


  • Virtual Recordings
  • Presentation Planner
  • Participant Materials


Contact Red Cup Learning for pricing options.

Contact us Today to set up a Grab Your Own Group session or to have us find a group for you.



Judie's coaching program is diverse and unique. Recently, I attended a split coaching session with her where she helped myself and another soloprenuer focus on two distinctly separate presentation styles. The results were unimaginable. In just a few short hours we were able to witness on video our transformations from a babbling brook of incoherent "ums" (myself) and a stone shouldered deep speaker (my classmate) into two well refined, thoughtful and warm presenters. Judie was able to create in ourselves the magic we were struggling to harness that made us more understandable, likable and approachable. I am beyond confident that she can create the same results for you as well.
Adam Webber

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