One-on-One Coaching

Luxury or Necessity

Some believe working with a presentation coach is a luxury versus a necessity; like hiring a trainer rather than just heading to the gym alone for a workout on the machines. In truth, hiring a presentation coach could be the best investment you could make in your career. Employers hire authentic, well spoken and well organized applicants. Managers promote those who can confidently articulate a clear, concise and compelling message in front of a group and persuade them to take action.

Experienced or Infrequent Presenters

If you're an experienced presenter, a coach can reinforce your strengths and identify areas for improvement. If you are an infrequent presenter, now is the time to develop effective delivery behaviors that you can use in every aspect of your personal and business life. What everyone wants is a safe environment in which to experiment with new behaviors and a coach who offers kind yet direct feedback. Red Cup Presentations can meet your needs.

Executive Coaching

Some executives prefer individual coaching while others enjoy the interaction with peers in similar positions. If you want to work privately for a single session or a series of one - to - one coaching sessions, Red Cup Presentations can meet your needs.

Personal Coaching

If you want to rise to the top of your organization or speak confidently in front of your community groups, personal one-on-one coaching may be the answer. Our coaching services in general cover how to prepare, construct and deliver a presentation.

Who Benefits?

  • Executives preparing for corporate meetings
  • Networkers developing business relationships
  • Real estate Agents presenting to clients
  • Entrepreneurs seeking Venture Capital
  • Scientists and Engineers presenting complex material
  • Sales people advocating solutions
  • Community Organizers presenting to constituents

How Could We Work Together?

  • New presentation development
  • Presentation Rehearsals
  • Voice coaching
  • Delivery skill training
  • Observation and critique of a live presentation
  • Review/critique of a recorded presentation
  • Team Presentation preparation
  • Post-presentation review
  • Post workshop follow-up
  • Slide design/review

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I have been a student of public speaking for more than 50 years. I have utilized many presentation consultants. Judie has had a greater impact upon my presentations than anyone else, particularly in three areas: the mechanics of public speaking, clarity of my message, and the technical aspects of formating PowerPoint slides. Although Judie is based in Wisconsin and I am in the Los Angeles area, it has been well worth the expense to have her help me in person in Los Angeles, as well as virtually. Judie is, indeed, the very best at what she does."
Jeff Goodman

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