Slide Makeovers and Consultations

When you turn to Red Cup Learning for help with your PowerPoint or Keynote slide decks, we do more than just transform your slides into interesting, colorful and memorable messages. We teach you the principles that we use so you can apply those principles on each and every slide deck you create in the future.

Slide decks are not created in a vacuum. They support a very carefully structured presentation that has a clear opening, body and close. We evaluate your presentation using these guidelines. In addition, we apply three concrete slide design principles to every slide to ensure that there is a balance of graphics and text and most importantly, that you, the presenter, has a role in each slide.

You decide if you want us to redesign your slide deck or if you want to learn our proven design principles and redesign the deck yourself. Either way, you will never build what's often referred to as a "docu-slide" or a "wall of words" slide again. Instead, your presentation will be more memorable and visually interesting.

Who Benefits?

  • Managers
  • Marketing staff
  • Salespeople
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Support staff responsible for slide preparation

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... has given me a view of what is needed for a professional presentation.
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