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Present2theTOP - Improving  Your Professional Presence 

August 14-15, 2018 
Chicago, IL
8am - 5pm
Mid America Club - AON Building Downtown Chicago  - 200 E. Randolph 80th Floor

This specific Present2theTOP workshop is designed for men and women in business faced with the unique challenge of presenting to high level management.  The workshop is challenging and risk free. We limit the number of attendees to six to ensure you have plenty of individual practice and coaching opportunities.  It's imperative they are clear, concise and compelling.  Your career may depend on it.  The process we introduce  helps you prepare and organize the structure of your presentation, connecting it to the unique needs of a high level audience.  We want to remove any detracting behaviors or perceptions that interfere with the message you want to deliver. Come prepared to laugh and learn as you apply the techniques and concepts to an upcoming presentation of your choice.

When you submit the registration for the workshop, you will receive a confirmation email with payment information to follow. We look forward to working with you.

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