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A presentation to anyone in a high position of an organization must be well organized and focused. How you define the issue, launch the presentation, use their time, involve them in the discussion and address their questions will determine whether they buy into your persuasive arguments.

Presenters must come prepared with clarity of purpose. High level decision makers want to know how your presentation connects to the larger organization strategy. You must focus on information related to the needs of the organization overall rather than one unit or process. People at the top don't have time to learn about your topic. They want to know what you need from them.

Presentations directed to the upper levels need to be shorter which means the presentation must be structured carefully to highlight only critical information. Expect to dedicate as much time answering questions about the content as you have giving the presentation itself. Remember, different level – different information and flow.

A short presentation doesn't automatically make it interesting. To maintain interest and move your audience to action, it is imperative that an executive presentation include a strong opening, a clear purpose, poignant facts, strong visual graphics, and anecdotal information all presented passionately and authenticity.

Our Present2theTOP™ Workshop addresses all of these issues.

Learning Outcomes

  • Techniques for addressing the challenges of presenting to high level decision-makers
  • A consistent approach for preparing for and structuring any high level presentation
  • A Presentation Planner to create an efficient message with the goal of moving the meeting decision forward.
  • A checklist to ensure all risks and needs are being addressed
  • Confident body language to deliver a clear, concise and compelling presentation

Who Benefits?

  • Staff presenting to upper level management
  • Executives presenting to the Board of Directors
  • Project Managers presenting to funding sources
  • Entrepreneurs presenting to Venture Capitalists

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Present2theTOP™ content is derived from the globally branded UPFRONT Persuasion through Presentation™ program


Addressing my presentation fears was very important.
High Tech Field Application Engineer

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