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How many times have you attended a virtual meeting or presentation only to find yourself reading your email rather than paying attention to the presenter? It’s difficult enough to maintain interest when you are face to face with an audience. Virtual meetings, without body language to help engage the audience, often are boring and ineffective.

Ensure your virtual meetings are just as memorable and action oriented as being there in person. The purpose of Virtual meetingsUPFRONT is to equip leaders with the ability to prepare for and conduct an effective meeting. The program is a balanced approach between determining the appropriate meeting participants, agenda, key topics and interaction skills necessary to keep the meeting interesting and focused. The emphasis is on preparing for and executing an efficient meeting that will have an immediate impact on the growth of the organization.

Each participant will prepare for and conduct a five to seven minute meeting with a small group of participants. This shortened "real world" meeting will allow each participant to practice the core skills of the workshop.

virtual meetingsUPFRONT
Training Sessions

Virtual meetingsUPFRONT is divided into three 2-hour virtual sessions covering four distinct components of a meeting: Groundwork, Engage, Involve and Close 
  • Session I:  Groundwork – determining the type of meeting, attendees, agenda
  • Session II: Engage – framing a meeting, delivering the appropriate amount of                           information
  • Session III: Involve and Close – setting ground rules, handling disruptive                                   behavior, ensuring action and practicing a mock meeting.
 There is a natural flow to the design, (preparation, open, body, close) yet within each section, participants are free to design a meeting that reflects their own style without compromising the basic structure necessary for a productive meeting.

The Meeting PLANNER

The Meeting Planner is a reusable tool for preparing an effective meeting. It is available in an electronic format to be easily accessed for future meeting planning.

Program Outcomes

  • A technique for anticipating questions that might be on the minds of the              participants prior to the meeting.
  • A structure for opening, conducting and closing a meeting that moves the            goals of an organization forward.
  • Agendas that fit the time frame and goals of the meeting.
  • Methods for preventing or dealing with disruptive behavior in a meeting.
  • Techniques for asking appropriate questions to encourage involvement in            the meeting.
  • A tool (Meeting Planner) to facilitate meeting preparation.

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Knowing you were being asked to present the learned skills in front of your peers made me concentrate.

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