Slide Makeover Lab

This program is now being offered either 
virtually or in person.

It is rare to attend a business presentation where visual aids are not used. The predominant visual aid is a slide deck. It's fair to say that most slide presentations are poorly designed and awkwardly delivered.

This is often the result of preparing the slides before planning the presentation. It's ultimately important to "go analog before going digital".

The purpose of using visual aids, either Microsoft PowerPoint or Macintosh Keynote, is to support, clarify, and emphasize portions of your presentation. Incorporating visual aids will enhance your presentation by providing another way to reinforce the information.

Used strategically, visual aids can break up the monotony of a presentation and increase audience retention by appealing to more than one learning style.

Currently available in a 3-hour virtual training webinar or 1/2 day live version.

Virtual Slide Makeover Lab Fact Sheet (pdf)

Who Benefits?

  • Managers
  • Marketing staff
  • Salespeople
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Support staff responsible for slide preparation

Learning Objectives

  • Prepare for any upcoming presentation slide deck
  • Effectively structure a presentation for any audience
  • Understand the concept of "Less is More" when using PowerPoint or Keynote
  • Understand the basic principles for creating effective, compelling and more interactive slides
  • Learned from slide make-over demonstrations using pre-submitted slides
  • Improve any slide deck for any presentation using the principles introduced in the workshop

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Slide Makeover Lab content is derived from the globally branded UPFRONT Persuasion through Presentation™ program


... has given me a view of what is needed for a professional presentation.
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