Slide Makeover Webinar

Are your presentation slides "walls of words"? Do you have a tendency to read from the slide? Would you be speechless in front of a group without a slide? The purpose of this webcast is to understand and apply simple slide design principles that will transform a dense 40-slide PowerPoint or Keynote slide deck into an effective, compelling and customer-involved presentation.

This webcast can help improve the way in which you interact with your slides by introducing three slide design techniques that ensure you stay connected to your audience while projecting slides.

Slide Makeover Webinar Fact Sheet (pdf)

Two Options

  1. Three-Hour Live Webcast: Customized session introducing design principles that are applied to attendee’s slides. 'Before and after' examples are demonstrated.
  2. One-Hour Recorded webcast: Slide design principles applied to generic ‘before and after’ slide decks. This option will be available soon!

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... has given me a view of what is needed for a professional presentation.
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