Personal Development

personal development
Do you get nervous when asked to make a presentation?
Do you talk too fast?
Do you get lost in the details?
Are your gestures distracting?
Are you persuasive?

There are many ways of overcoming the fear of public speaking or simply honing your existing presentation skills.  Individualized coaching is the fastest and the most targeted way to help you reach your goal of establishing a more professional presence in front of any audience.

We know the simple skills that will allow you to become a more Clear, Concise and Compelling presenter.  Customized presentation skills coaching will help you become more competent in knowing how to prepare, construct and deliver interesting, engaging and persuasive face to face or virtual presentations.

UPFRONT Persuasion Through Presentation™

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One-on-One Coaching

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Grab Your Own Group

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meetingsUPFRONT - Moving decision making forward

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Slide Makeover Lab and Webcast

Available in both a 3-hour face-to face training workshop or a 2-hour online webcast.


Who Benefits?

  • Business Networkers
  • Salespeople
  • Managers and Executives
  • Project leads
  • Engineers and Scientists
  • Community workers
  • Organizational Presidents

How we can help

  • Improve your elevator speech
  • Differentiate your sales presentations
  • Develop your Venture Capital presentations
  • Professionalize your delivery style
  • Rid you of pesky "um's and ‘uh's"
  • Increase project funding
  • Effectively address Board Members
  • Improve slide design to Increase retention
  • Influence your persuasiveness

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How Are Your Presentation Skills?

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